Remote, real-time monitoring of your commercial or industrial environment will improve forecasting and management decisions and automate activities to improve operational efficiency and reduce defects.

Monitoring app for your business needs is a service that helps you control your business. It provides you with high quality monitoring UI, regular updates, cloud data storage and security, software and firmware updates. This can help you save money in the long run and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Desktop Monitoring

Centralized monitoring over multiple locations using a web browser and our cloud-based portal. Reduce monitoring costs, improve data accuracy, and analyze historical data.

Mobile Monitoring

On the go, check sensor status from our Android or iOS mobile applications. View sensor's real-time values, or filter a date range to view historical data to evaluate trends.

Monitoring Smart Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for out-of-range sensors on your desktop and your mobile device from anywhere, at any time. Alerts can be emailed, and sent to mobile devices.

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The F2 Smart Controller is an extremely versatile. It would be information overload to list all use cases on one site so come chat with us about advancing your business.

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